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    Friday, June 3, 2016

    How Can You Earn Cash Online with Link Shortening WebSites

    AdF.ly - shorten links and earn money!

    There are many websites allows to earn money with shorten URLs . URL-shortening site provide allows you to make money when you use them to shorten long URLs from different sites. you can post shortened Urls on your online website, blog, Twitter, Facebook or whatever other social network when fit in with. once your user visitors click on the shortened Urls, you can earn money from each click-through. Basically short URL works as a redirection service which is able to redirect the shorter URL to the supposed web page.

    How Can you Earn Cash from this URL shortening providers ?

    • Register/Sign up with ADF.LY

    AdF.ly - shorten links and earn money!
    • Copy your links and make short URLs from your account.
    • Share your short URL anyplace with your friends, social media, websites, download links.
    • Whenever somebody click those shortened links,  they will go through some short 5 to 15 seconds advertisements(for e.g. below).
    • After this he will skip the ad and look at the link that was hidden behind that short link.
    • Thats it, whenever somebody go through this advertisement once clicking, you’re paid.
    • Done.
    Here are the Top 5 website to earn money online with Url Shortening

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    1. Did you know that you can shorten your urls with AdFly and make dollars from every visit to your shortened urls.


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