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    Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    Sublime Text 3 Build Build 3124 License Key

    Sublime Text 3 Build 3065 License Key

    Sublime Text 3 Build 3124 

    Sublime Text is a text editor for code and prose. It does away with many repetitive tasks so you can focus on your work. And it’s fun to use!a new stable update to sublime text 3 with folder icons the latest build of Sublime Text 3, released on  22 September 2016 (build 3124). 

    Featured update

    • Settings now open in a new window, with the default and user settings side-by-side
    • Hovering over a symbol will show a popup indicating where it's defined. This is controlled with the show_definitions setting.
    • Build errors are now shown inline at the location where they occurred. This is controlled with the show_errors_inline setting.
    • Added a menu item and command palette entry to install Package Control
    • Various syntax highlighting improvements
    • Significant improvements to the Scala syntax definition, with thanks to djspiewak and gwenzek
    • Significant improvements to the LaTeX syntax definition, with thanks to randy3k
    • Improved Goto Definition performance when a large number of files are open
    • Minor improvements to file load times
    • Linux and OSX: Improved memory usage
    • Fixed Replace not working as expected in conjunction with regex look behinds
    • Fixed build systems being unable to use "file_patterns" with the exec command
    • Corrected tab overlap on HiDPI Windows and Linux configurations
    • OSX: Fixed a graphical glitch when switching tabs
    • OSX: Fixed crash when entering a surrogate pair via hex input
    • Linux: Improved rendering performance for some systems
    • File encoding of open files is now stored in the session
    • Build Systems may define a cancel command using the "cancel" key
    • Syntax: Added clear_scopes directive, to give more control over the generated scopes
    • Color Schemes: Added popupCss key, for defining default popup style sheets
    • Color Schemes: Added phantomCss key, for defining default phantom style sheets
    • minihtml: HiDPI support was added for Windows and Linux
    • minihtml: Windows style line endings and single quoted attributes are now supported
    • minihtml: Child selectors may now be used in style sheets
    • minihtml: The inherit CSS value has been implemented
    • minihtml: font-family stacks may now be used
    • minihtml: Support for the line-height CSS property was added
    • minihtml: Elements may now be relatively positioned
    • minihtml: Inline elements support padding and background-color set
    • minihtml: CSS variables and the var() function are now supported
    • minihtml: Added the CSS color functions color() (partial), rgb(), rgba(), hsl() and hsla()
    • minihtml: Fixed a stack overflow on Windows with too many unclosed tags
    • API: Added Phantom and PhantomSet
    • API: Added ViewEventListener
    • API: Added View.is_primary()
    • API: Added EventListener.on_hover(view, point, hover_zone)
    • API: Added functions to get and set visibility of the minimap, status bar, tabs and menu
    • API: Modifications to a selection are now constrained to the valid range
    • API: Updated Python 3.3 to commit 8e3b9bf917a7, and SQLite to 3.14.1
    • Packages: Loading packages will no longer abort if a .sublime-package is corrupt
    • Packages: Fixed an edge case when loading third party packages from unicode paths on Windows

    Licence Key

    Sublime Text 3

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